Meet the Band 

Mark Sochan - Bass, Vocals

Mark grew up in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada where as a young teenager he started playing bass in a band called The Rebel Rousers. Before the days of iPods and D.J.'s, the band was booked most Friday and Saturday nights entertaining people at dances, weddings, and local bars.

Today Mark enjoys playing a variety of music from the Rolling Stones to Stevie Wonder to 70's Funk.  Besides playing bass with the HackJammers, Mark also plays stand up bass in a jazz trio and plays with the St. Catherine's Youth Worship band on Sunday nights.

Gear - Fender American Jazz Bass, Markbass CMD 102P Combo amp with Markbass Traveler 102P extension cab

 Walter Buczeke - Drums

Born and raised in San Francisco, My interest in drums at the age of 6 in 1964. Influenced by The Beatles & The Rolling Stones. It all started with the backbeat of the song "Satisfaction". It was couple years later with TV show "The Monkees" that I had started to play drums. I told Mickey Dolenz this story later in life. I played drums for five years only to switch to woodwinds for the next five years.

While living in San Jose's Berryessa district, there were so many good local bands that it wasn't until 1976, that the bug had come back to me to play drums. I studied privately for a few years and just wanted play. In 1978, I started to play professionally ever since. I was influenced by many drummers in rock, pop, r & b, soul, Latin jazz and jazz fusion. It was jazz fusion that influenced my passion. In 1992, I study privately with my mentor and friend Dan Sabanovich for the next 8 years. During this period, I got a few private lessons from Elvin Jones, Terry Bozzio, Rick Latham, Steve Smith and Simon Phillips.

Gear - Ludwig Drums exclusively, DW Craviotto and Ludwig Snares, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and DW pedals


Bert Bayardo - Guitar, Vocals

Having grown up playing classical piano, Roberto "Bert" Bayardo switched to guitar at the age of 18 when he realized it would be too difficult to take his Steinway to college. His playing is heavily influenced by musicians from his home state of Texas, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chris Duarte, and Eric Johnson. Not content to be just another Texas guitar slinger, his other musical interests span a variety of genres ranging from jam bands to progressive rock and metal

Gear - Jackson & Charvel Custom guitars; Marshall, Mesa, and Randall amps and cabinets.

 Bob LaRochelle - Keyboards, Vocals

Bob grew up in Massachusetts and played in bands since his teens.  He took jazz lessons later in life, and has recently been working on blues piano to support his rock keyboards with HackJammers. Bob is influenced by a range of artists from Jon Lord of Deep Purple to jazz pianists from the post bebop era

Gear - Korg CX-3 (vintage Hammond organ clone), Casio Privia PX-5S, Lester K Leslie Sim